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Brush tip-adhesive 7.5g

750 ISK
Introducing Our Professional Artificial Nail Building Gels: Craft, Sculpt, Create!

Discover our exclusive line of Artificial Nail Building Gels designed to elevate your nail artistry. With versatile consistencies, a diverse color palette, and various sizes tailored to your needs, these gels are your go-to for crafting durable and stunning nail extensions.

Key Features:

Versatile Consistencies: Tailor your designs effortlessly with options from self-leveling for a smooth finish to thicker sculpting gels for intricate nail art.
Diverse Colors: Express your creativity with a range of vibrant colors, ensuring your nail designs stand out.
Various Sizes: Choose the perfect quantity for your projects, whether you're working on detailed nail art or complete nail sets.

Why Choose Our Building Gels?

Professional-Grade Formulas: Crafted for durability and ease of use, our building gels guarantee a polished, salon-worthy finish.
Limitless Creativity: Sculpt, shape, and design without restrictions. Whether it's intricate nail art or bold extensions, the possibilities are endless.
Sizes for Every Project: From pocket-sized options for quick touch-ups to larger quantities for salon use, find the ideal size for your nail ventures.
How to Use:

Prepare Your Nails: Begin with clean, shaped nails.
Select Your Gel: Choose your preferred color, consistency, and size.
Sculpt and Shape: Apply and sculpt the gel to achieve your desired nail shape.
Quick Cure: Speed up the drying process under an LED lamp.
Seal with Top Coat: Lock in vibrancy and shine for a lasting, professional finish.
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