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DN Extra Strong Primer 3in1 10ml
DN Extra Strong Primer 3in1 10ml
1 490 ISK

DN Extra Strong Primer 3in1 10ml

1 490 ISK
Bonus points collected: 30 ISK
Extra Strong Nail Primer should be used lightly on buffed surface and let to dry. Used for gel nails and acrylic nails. Has acid content. Strongly recommended for problemmatic nails.

In 10 ml packaging to help gel or porcelain adhere.

For natural nails.


It disinfects.

It has a dehydrating effect.

Provides secure adhesion to all types of nails.

It has an acidic composition brush.

Highly recommended for problematic nails.

Use: Wait until the primer is completely dry and "bleached" before applying the tip or applying gel or porcelain. Apply only on natural nails!
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