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RR2 4+1 Gel Lacquer Pack - Gel Polishes
RR2 4+1 Gel Lacquer Pack - Gel Polishes
10 950 ISK 
8 760 ISK

RR2 4+1 Gel Lacquer Pack - Gel Polishes

10 950 ISK 
8 760 ISK
Discount 20
Saving 2 190 ISK
Discover a world of color with our Gel Polish Collection – a kaleidoscope of shades for the ultimate nail transformation! ????✨ Unleash your creativity with a stunning array of hues, ranging from chic neutrals to bold statement colors.

???? How to Use:

Prepare Your Nails: Begin with clean, dry nails. Shape and buff for a flawless foundation.
Apply Base Coat: Ensure a smooth application and lasting wear by applying a thin layer of our Base Coat. Cure under an LED/UV lamp.
Gel Polish Magic: Brush on your chosen Gel Polish color in thin, even coats. Cure each layer under the lamp for the recommended time.
Build Intensity: Add additional coats for richer color. Cure between each layer for the perfect finish.
Seal with Top Coat: Lock in your vibrant color with our glossy Top Coat. Cure one final time for a high-shine, chip-resistant finish.
Elevate your nail game with our Gel Polish – the perfect blend of style and durability.
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